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What A Weekend In Vegas!

What a weekend in Vegas…Three classes with 260 laps at Open Comp and we were fired up and ready to go racing!

After a strong WIN in the Jr. Late, we were feeling really good about our chances in the Super Late. At the 1/2 way split, we were sitting in 3rd with a really dialed-in race car. We settled back in at a really fast pace and moved up into 2nd place. We were running fast laps and giving ourselves a shot at the lead when we cut a tire on lap 89 ending our race. That was pretty disappointing…We definitely had something for them.

Our last race of the weekend would be in the Pro Late. We had some work to do for sure starting outside the top 10. We struggled a bit but started working our way forward. We ended up making a bunch of changes to try to get some drive-off at the 1/2-way break. It helped but we didn’t have what we needed to get to the front but we did end up managing a Top 5 finish.

We put in a lot of laps and we had a lot of fun. We’re definitely excited for an even bigger and better 2023!

Thanks to my family and friends for always coming out to the track or following along at home. Thanks to everyone at Fidelity Capital for the support and the Nascimento Motorsports team for all of their hard work and everyone else who makes racing possible! #sh13

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