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The Plan Was To Just Test

The plan was to just test the Super last weekend for our first time.

Super Late Models are the premier division of asphalt short track racing with 600 horsepower engines on full racing slick tires hitting speeds over 125 mph on the ultra-fast Kern County Raceway.

We were fast…So we decided to run it. We definitely surprised a lot of people and qualified 3rd for the $10K to win 100 lapper.

The guys at Nascimento had the car on rails and we definitely had a great car. With a long race ahead, we needed some strategy to play out and we had the setup for the long runs dialed in. Unfortunately, during the first few laps, the car started losing power. During the caution on lap 27, we saw that we lost oil pressure, so we decided to pull it in and the car went straight into the trailer.

These things happen. The crew will get it figured out and you can bet we will be back soon.

I love the speed and I loved being out with the tour guys. We’re learning so much so fast. It’s all coming together…On to Madera #cantstopusnow #seanhingorani13 @jadoo247 #fidelitycapital @nascimento_motorsports @twofourspeed @srlswtourseries #prolatemodel #superlatemodel #stockcarracing #nascar

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