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The 10th Annual Chilly Willy 150 at Tucson Speedway

The 10th Annual Chilly Willy 150 at Tucson Speedway is in the books. A Top 3 Finish and a lot of positives to take from last weekend.

We had the opportunity to run a Super Late with Derek Thorn Racing and an amazing team that included Derek, Mike & Vicki Keen, Jacob Gomes, Paul Gomes, Seth Wise and Chris Olivera.

We unloaded fast on Friday and ran really well all three days. It was awesome to get our first Super Late Win in our 50 Lap Dash on Saturday night.

On Sunday, we started on the front row for the big 150 and the first half of the race was full of wrecks, cautions and red flags. At the split we started back toward the front and had some great battles. So much strategy goes into these races.

Unfortunately, we hung back just a little bit too long and ran out of time closing in on the leaders at the end.

It definitely could have played out different but that’s how racing goes at this level. We’ll take a whole bunch of experience from this weekend and start focusing on ARCA which is now just a little over a month out.

Thanks to everyone who comes out and watches at home for all of your support…It’s gonna be a great year!

@twofourspeed #fidelitycapital @jadoo247 @jacobgomes @seth_wise87 Derek Thorn Racing

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