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SRL Season Finale At Irwindale

That’s a wrap for SRL Tour Racing for this year. It was awesome to finish up this series near home at Irwindale Speedway. The Super Late is so much fun to drive there and we had a really fast car! After qualifying in the top 5, we finally got our chance to run up and challenge for the lead until we had a clutch start going bad and it killed our restarts. We managed to finish strong in the top 10 even with the issues.

All of the seat time racing has been really valuable and we’re already looking towards next season and the SRL National Showdown in January🏁

Thanks to everyone who makes our race program possible. My family and friends, Fidelity Capital, all the guys at Nascimento Motorsports and to the SRL for putting on great races🏁

We’re more excited than ever to go racing and we’re gonna be tough in 2023 😤 #allgasnobrakes #letsgetit

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