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SRL's October Classic 134 At Kern County Raceway

A big weekend back tour racing at Kern. It was good to get back out on the fast 1/2 mile in the Super Late and see what we could do against a strong field of 22 cars. In practice, we were able to throw down some pretty good times. We had a great setup the last time we were here and we just needed to get that dialed back in. We ended up qualifying just outside the top ten and we had some work to do come race time.

We were pumped to go racing and got off to a decent start. After settling in at a good pace, we were making moves toward the front but we lost almost all of our brakes and just had to take what we could get. Thanks again to the guys on the team for all of their effort at the shop and at the track. Putting out good cars to drive week in and week out is a lot of work and we certainly appreciate what everyone does to make it possible to go racing. Next up, we’re heading to Phoenix for the final ARCA round of the season on 11/4. This track is long and the fastest thing we’ve seen yet so I’m more pumped than ever. Let’s go get it! #seanhingorani13

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