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P4's At Madera Speedfest

We always like going to Madera. Last weekend's Speedfest was a big race and we had a really fast car. Qualified P1 in the Junior Late then started 4th on the redraw. Unfortunately, we got put into the wall pretty hard and that broke a control arm and took out the right side wheels and tires. The Nascimento guys worked hard to get us back out and we managed to work our way back up to a 4th place finish.

After qualifying P2 in the Pro Late, we pulled a 10th on the redraw. Our super-fast car we had dialed in for the long runs was banged up from the Jr. Late race and not quite the same after getting wrecked. We had some good battles in the 100 lapper and we were able to bring home another P4 against some solid competition.

Every time out we’re learning a lot

and getting smarter and faster. Big things are coming 🏎💨🏁#cantstopusnow #lucky13 #seanhingorani13


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