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Next Up: ARCA Menards 250 at Elko Raceway

This weekend we're going racing at the ARCA Menards 250 at Elko Raceway, a compact 3/8-mile circuit nestled in the heart of Elko New Market, Minnesota.

Sean Hingorani ARCA Menards 250 at Elko Raceway

The ARCA Menards 250 is known for its intense competition, and unpredictable outcomes, making it a racing event of high stakes and thrilling excitement.

Elko Raceway, famously dubbed as "The Midwest Center for Speed," is a challenging track even for seasoned drivers. With a length of just 3/8 mile, it is one of the shortest tracks on the ARCA circuit. Its tight corners and high banking offer little room for error, demanding precision, strategy, and of course, the element of speed - the very heart of racing.

Stay tuned for a thrilling weekend at Elko Raceway, where engines will roar, brake rotors will glow, and the air will be charged with high-octane excitement. .

Watch it live on FloRacing Saturday June 24th at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT

Next Up: ARCA Menards 250 at Elko Raceway

via Troy Smith

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